List of cures by symptom also checkout list of cures by food
These foods all have many more uses than are stated here. These are just a selection of my favourite uses I have heard on my travels
Indigestion/ burning 'chilli' mouth fresh live organic yoghurt
excess gas fresh carrot with beet and cucumber juice also see yoga wind-release posture
Hypoglycemia parsley
Addictive cravings best see chapter on cravings (pg???) and make sure you are balanced by using the CaPNaK chart eat plenty of hemp and sunflower seeds
mucus barley (use with fennel or oil & vinegar) give up dairy products
diarrhoea barley (use with fennel or oil & vinegar); Carrot soup
Kidney cleanse watermelon, celery seed, dandelion and agrimony act as a diuretic chamomile also useful
Indigestion/ stomach ache digestion tea (see pg.?????) peppermint, fennel, aniseed, lemon grass, caraway
Parasite worms in small & large intestine See pg. ???? . Alternative cure is to fast for a day, take an enema then grind 100g of pumpkin seed and add to water. Drink very slowly. Two hours after take 50 oz. of castor oil. Within 4 hours the parasite is expelled, with no pain.
Emergency need for vomiting 1/2 tsp of salt in pint of warm water or fingers down back of throat
Chronic mucus, phlegm in throat or lungs. Choose one of the following herbs: coltsfoot, liverwort, marshmallow leaves, fenugreek seed or flaxseed. Good to fast for one day with colonics Take one teaspoonful of the ground herbs in one cup hot water. One hour before meal or three hours after meal. Three times a day.
Liver (hangovers etc.) milk thistle (sprinkle whole seeds, ground to a fine powder, on your cereals), burdock, liquorice agrimony, mugwort. Banana or hangover cure (pg.???)
barley (lovely soup!) day or two in bed, very light eating (semi-fast). Use liquorice, sage, coltsfoot, comfrey, rosehip, garlic If you get cold regularly then regular consumption of immune boosting herbs are best, hemp seed, ginseng, echinacea, shizandra, shiitake mushrooms are some of the best.
Insomnia chamomile, hops, hemp flower, lime, skullcap, hot milk with nutmeg (see pg.?????)
Skin hemp seed, st. johns wort Blue-Green Algae, wheat grass and barley juice
Stress 36 hour juice fast Valerian, passionflower, liquorice or ginseng
Digestive aid chlorine, VitaminB1, B2 and C Blue-Green Algae
Eczema Blue-Green Algae Hemp oil
Enzyme activation foods high in calcium, chlorine, magnesium see vitamin and mineral chart
metabolism of fats foods high in phosphorous see vitamin and mineral chart
oxygen transport foods high in iron see vitamin and mineral chart
gum problems foods high in vitamin A see vitamin and mineral chart
rough hair Hemp seed and oil Foods high in iodine & vitamin B2
muscular soreness foods high in calcium, vitamin E see vitamin and mineral chart
poor development of nails foods high in sulphur see vitamin and mineral chart
sterility vitamin A, C, E, manganese see vitamin and mineral chart
anti-biotic use lactobacillus acidophilus, or live untreated yoghurt best avoided - fast instead
Flatulence Avoid broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts, onions and any other sulphur food
Sore throat or bad breath gargle antiseptic wheat-grass juice raw foods
Swelling, stinging, open wounds wheat or barley grass juice, internal and external
Digestive problems lemon in water, mild ginger tea, not overeating, not under eating; banana is good for heartburn and gas
Cracked lips, splits in mouth or tongue Fresh figs, lots of fresh green vegetables (minimum 500g per day) usually due to a vitamin B deficiency or absorption problem
Cold sores (herpes simplex I or II) sea vegetables, fish, bean sprouts, fruits and vegetables. Avoid refined carbohydrates, stimulants, chicken, gelatin, soybean, nuts, carob and chocolate. eat foods high in vitamin B,C, E and lysine (amino acid). Try vitamin E oil, to be applied topically. Avoid stress! Goldenseal, ginseng, alfalfa, aloe and echinacea may help
Headache Drink ginger tea, or chamomile, lemon balm or lime flowers *
Migraine 500 milligrams of powdered ginger, mixed in water; ginkgo biloboa can help circulation headaches; feverfew *
* for headaches and migraine, they are easier to avoid than to cure. The main things to avoid ripened cheeses (cheddar, Brie, Camembert etc.),
onions, avocados, fresh bread, red wine, nuts, chocolate,, coffee, tea, cola and alcohol.
Dizziness and tinitus Ginkgo
Intestinal absorption problems Ginger and black pepper added to your medicinal foods
Fat digestion Bitter herbs (e.g. Gentian, horseradish etc.)
Diabetes juice of dandelion root
skin problems, loss of hair, liver degeneration, sterility in males, heart and circulation problems, infections, behavioural problems LA deficiency symptoms Eat more hemp seeds/ oil
immune system problems, weakness, impairment of vision and learning ability, growth retardation, dry skin, low metabolic rate and high blood pressure LNA deficiency symptoms Eat more flax seeds/ oil
Infant eczema This rash can be eliminated by rubbing fresh (within 6 months of pressing) hemp oil on these children's skin. This is because their skin easily absorbs the EFA's in the oil and is able to transport it throughout their body.
High cholesterol decreased intake of animal products and increase of green plant food has been shown to lower cholesterol levels of some people