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rawAre you new to raw food?

Whether you are new to raw food or have been trying to go raw for some time, chances are that you will have struggled, or be struggling now - not just with the food and the question of "what exactly do I eat?", but also with other issues, such as those relating to friends and family, cravings for "old" foods, social situations, comfort eating, nutritional concerns, what to eat in winter, what to feed children, how to make delicious raw food meals quickly, how to lose or gain weight, how to gain energy, how to deal with conflicting information and more besides. Maybe you want to run your own organic hemp seed or hemp oil based detox retreat.

Until now, going raw and staying raw has been very hit and miss for most people. Often it took years for people to find their way through the raw food maze and safely out to the other side. But it doesn't have to be this way...

If you are ready to bring more raw foods into your life, whether that be a little or a lot, then read on, because you CAN turn your raw aspirations into an exciting vibrant reality - and a lot more easily than you think.

Let me show you how...


rReTreats & Workshops

Rawfood, health and healing workshops or retreats are the ideal way to experience the emotional, mental, spiritual and health benefits of raw food first hand? Imagine delighting in consuming all your gourmet raw food meals prepared by a wholefoods vegetarian chef while you undertake a 1, 2, 5 or 7 day transformational health retreat experience at a personal one-on-one boutique retreat.

While I am currently busy running an eco hemp farm I am having a break from running health retreats, so I offer you a fine selection to choose from:

5 day Whitsunday Dreaming Sailing ReTreat
Not Cooking School
8 day Bali Art of Vibrant Living ReTreat
5 Rhythms Dance & Detox
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Vibrant Living Yoga Teacher Training.
Bali 20010-11


8 day Bali Art of Vibrant Living ReTreat

Bali Tropical Transformation Retreat

In the Beauty of Bali, experience the Power of Presence, and the Pleasure of conscious living.

2012 bookings now open... 8 days / 7 nights Ubud, Bali.

The Art of Vibrant living guides you to experience your Self more fully than ever before,
to realize your highest potential for health and happiness.

Working in paradise with the best tools ever is a blessing for facilitators and participants. Based in the bliss of bali we offer an opportunity to dive deep into the pool of whom we really are.

Using tools such as vibrant yoga, living foods and relaxation techniques combined with the beauty that nature brings in one of the wolrd's most magical locations.

A journey far from tourist resorts we offer a private and personal space to join us in an ever expanding journey.

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  Whitsunday Dreaming Sailing Treat

Whitsunday Sailing Treat

Available for your own group of 6 - choose your preferred sailing date

Join us for 5 days, 4 nights on a 47 foot luxury catamaran in the beautiful waters of the Whitsundays. Your trip is planned around calm waters, soft breeze and warm sun. You will experience the benefits of our great team with the benefit of a maximum of 6 guests on board.

Easy detox - with 5 star gourmet foods - no fasting in our spa like surrounds.

For information on previours events download a brochure.


  Not The Cooking School


While Paul is busy with other retreats he recommends Natural Attitudes Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast - Contact us for schedules.


 5 Rhytms Dance & Detox

Byron Bay Retreat

5Rhythms® in Byron Bay Scout Hall
Saturday nights 7-9pm


Living Food Recipe BookNor the Cooking Show DVD

Tempt yourself to our delightful Living Food Recipes Books and
Not the Cooking Show DVD


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Bali Tropical Transformation Retreat













Live Life To The Full on a Luxurious Sailing Trip in the Whitsundays on the best Catamaran ever!













Bali Tropical Transformation Retreat