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What is MSM

Why do we need MSM

What does MSM do

How do we use MSM

Detox Bath



Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in our bodies as well as in many common beverages and foods, including milk, coffee, tea and green vegetables. In its purified chemical form, it is an odorless, essentially tasteless, white, water-soluble crystalline solid. It is one of the safest substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water.

MSM is an ultrapure food grade for human consumption as a nutritional supplement. MSM is sold as a raw material to various national manufacturers and formulators who market it in finished product form as capsules, tablets, powders and topical preparations.

LMSM is a non-animal-based nutritional supplement and is an all-natural source of MSM.

Naturally-occurring sulfur, such as that found in MSM, is not similar to inorganic sulfides, sulfites and sulfates to which many people are allergic.


Why do we need MSM?
MSM and its related compounds are the source of 85 percent of the sulfur found in all living organisms. Many researchers believe that sulfur, the eighth most abundant element in the body, is a sorely neglected mineral nutrient and plays an indispensable role in human nutrition.

For centuries, mankind has soaked in sulfur-rich mineral hot springs to help heal a variety of ailments. While sulfur's natural anti-inflammatory properties have shown benefits for a range of health problems, including arthritis, muscle and joint pain, much is still unknown about precisely how sulfur works in the body.


What does MSM do?
Some of MSM's essential functions in the body include maintaining the structure of the proteins in the body, helping the formation of keratin which is essential for hair and nail growth, aiding in the production of immunoglobulin which maintains the immune system, and catalyzing the chemical reactions which change food into energy.

These functions often result in the following occurrences:

  • Inhibition of pain impulses along nerve fibers (analgesia)
  • Lessening of inflammation
  • Increase in blood supply
  • Reduction of muscle spasm
  • Softening of scar tissue


How do we use MSM?

Start slowly and increase until you find your own maintenance level.

Try 1/8 > 1/4 tsp (500 > 1,000 mg) daily, for a week. Split it into at least two dosages- morning and afternoon.

Take with meales, and a full glass of water or juice.

Maintain your level for a week and then double until you reach 2-4 tablespoons per day. This high level makes up for the years of deficiency that your body has experienced.

After several weeks, reduce again to a maintenance level (1-2 teaspoons) per day.

Drink LOTS of water with MSM.

You may mix MSM with your favourite vitamin C supplement- such as pure Rosehip Vitamin C

Detox symptoms may occur. If the symptoms are severe then reduce the amount of MSM you are taking.


great when mixed with the:

20 minute detox-bath

Add ONE of these to your warm to hot bath:

  • 4 cup of epsom salts AND 2 cup MSM powder
  • 2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups of baking soda

have cold shower breaks, and get back in the bath again!

An hour a day well spent.


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