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Anybody who has tried a raw food lifestyle knows that it's the ideal way to live. After all, raw food has the highest possible level of nutrients, is designed by nature to be easily digestable, and is free from all processed chemicals. Those who eat a 100% raw food diet, or close to it, have a much higher resistance to sicknesses of all sorts and an almost infinitely clear mind. Like health expert Ron Radstrom has said, "I found raw fooders to be radiant people, glowing, looking clean inside and out." I choose this quote because I believes it represents the essence of what raw foodism achieves. A clean body, a clean mind, and a loving heart.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the public is unreceptive to this message. The concept of maintaining a raw food lifestyle seems weird and scary. Most people have the vision of only eating fruits and vegetables, and having to feel hungry all the time. This is of course not how it really is. There are hundreds of innovative raw food recipes that make living raw easy and fun. Even then, people may not want to do it because it can take a few months before the true benefits really set in. But what if there was a way for anyone to experiment with raw foodism, and experience incredible results in as little as one to two weeks? This is made possible with Versativa, a health company that specializes in hemp and raw food.

By incorporating hemp seed heavily into a raw food diet, the effects of such a lifestyle are accelerated quickly. That is because of the dense nutrient profile of hemp seed, which is rich in 100% completely protein which is literally the highest quality in the entire plant kingdom. This quality comes not only from the fact that all the essential amino acids (and nonessential amino acids too) are present, but their form is 65% globulin edestin. This is a very simple kind of protein to digest, and is the most efficient for internal processing. Hemp seed is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, including rare types of those acids not found many places else. When you take into account the additional fiber, minerals (magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, and iron), along with other antioxidants and chlorophyll, it's easy to see how great hemp seed is.

So what's special about Versativa? It combines hemp seed with 25 other raw foods into a delicious product known as Pulse. The great thing about it, other than its being 100% raw, is that it tastes amazing. Even people who have never even thought of being vegetarian love it, and thus it's the perfect transition food for people attempting to go raw. Perhaps even more importantly, Versativa has created a unique hemp seed concentrate, unlike anything else on the market. Using supercritical liquid carbon dioxide and water, hemp seed is converted into a water-soluble form and combined with other antioxidant-rich plant concentrates made with this same natural method. The product is known as Hemphoria because of its high hemp seed content and the fact it produces feelings similar to euphoria. Using Pulse and Hemphoria together is the epitome of ideal health, and people who have taken 14 day challenges using it immediately learn of the true benefits of raw foodism and hemp seed. Some of the personal experiences are nothing short of inspiring, such as one woman who lost 19 pounds during the challenge. Another man who took the advanced 28-day challenge, and even went a few days longer, lost 40 pounds. I haven't even gotten into the mental, emotional, and other physical benefits people have experienced, or else I would be going on about this for a very long time.

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