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Paul Benhaim is Australia’s finest Living Food Lifestyle Coach and top authority on healthy eating. Published author of Healthy Eating Made Possible, Living Food Recipes (as well as other hemp books) and producer of two music albums ( as used on his DVD Not The Cooking Show (

Founder of ZEO International (previously Zelfo Australia )- the world's best eco materials company, Paul prefers to follow an Integral way in his business, life and love. Using Non-Violent Communication, Theory of Constraints and Thinking Hats as tools for his work.

Paul continues to run his raw not-cooking school days and annual Art of Vibrant Living detox retreats in Bali, as well as a motivational speaker at private and corporate functions he offers personal consultations from his home near Byron Bay. Paul's work is to assist you to shine, look and feel like the true star that you are.

Paul is also founder of CommonUnity, a philanthropic organisation aiming to showcase intentional spiritual rural communities.

Currently, Paul consults with those setting up eco businesses. He also runs holistic business mentoring courses. More may be found at his facebook sites:

Everything Hemp
Hemp Plastic
Hemp Building>

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Individual health consultations with raw food expert, Paul Benhaim, can be arranged by prior appointment. Contact us with your main health challenges and we will organize a time that suits you.

rawAre you new to raw food?

Whether you are new to raw food or have been trying to go raw for some time, chances are that you will have struggled, or be struggling now - not just with the food and the question of "what exactly do I eat?", but also with other issues, such as those relating to friends and family, cravings for "old" foods, social situations, comfort eating, nutritional concerns, what to eat in winter, what to feed children, how to make delicious raw food meals quickly, how to lose or gain weight, how to gain energy, how to deal with conflicting information and more besides.

Until now, going raw and staying raw has been very hit and miss for most people. Often it took years for people to find their way through the raw food maze and safely out to the other side. But it doesn't have to be this way...

If you are ready to bring more raw foods into your life, whether that be a little or a lot, then read on, because you CAN turn your raw aspirations into an exciting vibrant reality - and a lot more easily than you think.

Let me show you how...

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