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Using living foods as a nutritional foundation we can help you find the reason, the spark, the truth in your life. Breathe and believe radiance, passion, fun and love. We share with you. It's time to make a healthy improvement in your life at this time of year with the raw living food diet. Read a raw vegan food recipe (free on this site), buy the best living food vegetarian recipe book, have a not cooking school DVD in your own home.

Work, relationships and clarity are all improved after clearing the plate with fresh vibrant living. Through our products including raw organic hulled hemp seeds, detox reTreats and consultations we share with you the best of the healthy Living Foods Lifestyle. We expect you to leave us feeling rejuvenated, focussed and ready for a fresh start in a more positive world. Health retreats are a habit, not an event. Learn how and join us on a happy, healthy detox workshop or retreat.

Come and learn to make raw vegan hemp milk, hemp ice-cream and hemp raw chocolate at the Hemp Farm.

Learn more about the power of raw hemp foods.

Learn to live as if you life is a permanent health retreat with us - in joy and in paradise!

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Brandon Bays, Author - "The Journey"

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Feature Focus: Hemp

Hemp Seeds are the basis to hemp foods. Hemp seeds are high in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, as well as high in hemp protein - including all amino acids. Hemp food products are available globally now and are important to our health and nutrition. Learn more about hemp seed nutrition. More on hemp food, hemp seeds and hemp nutrition can be found at

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Nutrition Essentials:

Australia's best healthy rawfood (living food) resource list can be found here. More than just diet books, wheatgrass, juicers and vegetarian recipe books! Glyco-nutrient sweets and tooth prevention tools can be found here.
Learn about Glycemic Index (GI) Chart, Vegan and Vegatarian foods such as Soy.
Make an improvement in your health with the raw living food diet.

Product & Gifts :

At we believe in only the best. We have a small range of products that we *use* and believe in.

rawAre you new to raw food?

Whether you are new to raw food or have been trying to go raw for some time, chances are that you will have struggled, or be struggling now - not just with the food and the question of "what exactly do I eat?", but also with other issues, such as those relating to friends and family, cravings for "old" foods, social situations, comfort eating, nutritional concerns, what to eat in winter, what to feed children, how to make delicious raw food meals quickly, how to lose or gain weight, how to gain energy, how to deal with conflicting information and more besides.

Until now, going raw and staying raw has been very hit and miss for most people. Often it took years for people to find their way through the raw food maze and safely out to the other side. But it doesn't have to be this way...

If you are ready to bring more raw foods into your life, whether that be a little or a lot, then read on, because you CAN turn your raw aspirations into an exciting vibrant reality - and a lot more easily than you think.

Let me show you how...

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Eating healthy raw foods is the best insurance for your family. A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating. Follow a eating lifestyle that incorporates vegetarian hemp seeds or products that are similar; that provide several vitamins.


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